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One Accord Productions was established in 2007. The company was originally designed as a company specializing in videography but then later (in 2010) branched out to also offer photography services. One Accord celebrated its 15th anniversary in December of 2023. 

Tavon Lawrence, the owner of One Accord Productions, has worked in media for over 20 years. He first fell in love with media during high school when he enrolled in his first Video Production class. That class fueled his desire to know more about the industry. Tavon later earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University in Electronic Media and Film. In addition to One Accord Productions, Tavon also has also served as a Director, Camera Operator, Production Manager, and a Marketing and Communications Director.

In addition to media, Tavon has also worked in Human Resources and currently works as a Senior Director of Internal Learning at a national education non-profit. Tavon's ability to manage multiple projects, his high level of professionalism, and his eye for visual detail is what sets him apart from others. 

It is Tavon's belief that everyone has a story to tell and this is your sign that its time to tell yours. 

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